At Dawn 'til Dusk Taxidermy, time, care and planning are given to each and every project. This ensures that you will be happy with the results, not just today but for many years to come. Dawn 'til Dusk specializes in custom design. Bring me your idea and I will create a mount that satisfies the image.


Life-size mounts can be done for any type or size of animal and often two or more animals together. The design and composition possibilities are limitless. Some important considerations are where it is to be
located and what space is available. The idea of a life-size mount can also be deceiving. For example, a life-size cougar actually takes up less space than a cougar rug.

Rocky Mountain Goat. This base was created as a corner mount. It hangs in the corner of the room with the goat looking out.

Rocky Mountain Goat. The base for this project was designed to wrap around a freestanding fireplace. The goat is walking downhill and "looking around the corner" into the next room.

Rocky Mountain Goat. This is another example of a corner mount for a life-size animal.

Dall sheep

Bobcat chasing a quail Dall sheep


Pine Marten

Wolf jumping a snowshoe hare

Stone sheep




Shoulder Mounts are available for any type of animal. In choosing what type of mount to go with, one must consider where it will be displayed and what will compliment that particular animal the most.

The first decision is what profile it will have. The profile describes the position of the animal's head in relation to its shoulder. This ranges from full upright to full sneak and several positions in between.

The next decision is what turn to give it. Turn is assigned from the animal's perspective. Turns range from straight to extreme right and left and several positions in between.

The third decision is what attitude or expression the animal will have. Examples are calm, alert, aggressive or inquisitive.

Special consideration must be given to the large-antlered game as far as wall clearance, and fitting them through your door.

Of course you can also save yourself the decision-making and just leave it up to me!!

Stone sheep (Upright - right turn)

Mule deer, (Upright -left turn.)

Whitetail deer, (Upright - right turn)

Rocky Mountain elk
(Sneak - slight right turn)

Barren-ground caribou
(Sneak - straight)



Birds can be mounted either standing, or in flight.
In either position, the mount is designed to either
hang on the wall or be free standing for
positioning on a shelf or coffee table

Birds. Left to Right:
Ptarmigan, Ruffed Grouse,
Great Horned Owl,
Quail, Pheasant


Rugs can be made with the jaws open or closed.
You have a choice of two felt colors to trim the outside.
As well, the rug is fully padded and lined with a
color-co-coordinated lining and the whole rug is fully
sewn, not glued.